Philmont Sectional Maps


The only place to purchase sectional maps is from the Philmont’s trading post, The Tooth of Time Traders.

We recommend 2 sets of maps, one for the Adult Advisers and one for the Scout Leadership. This way if anything happens to the map on the trail, the adult advisers can have a backup.

There are 4 maps that cover Philmont. In the spring mail kit you will receive your first map, a blank overall map. DO NOT MARK IT UP! Your itinerary may change without your knowing. You will get a chance to mark it up when you go to trip planning.

The other 3 maps are for the 3 different areas of Philmont: The Valle Vidal, The North Country, and the South Country. Each map is double sided showing the East section on one side and the west section of the map on the other. Most crews need only an Overall Map with a North and South Country map too.

You will have time in base camp to purchase maps. If you are too eager to wait, visit the Tooth of Time Traders. The folded sectional maps work best on the trail.

Philmont Overall Map

Valle Vidal Country Sectional Map

North Country Sectional Map

South Country Sectional Map

All of Philmont’s maps are water resistant. We recommend keeping your map dry and protected with a map case.



Talus Highroad Mapcase

Osprey Packs Map Wrap

Sea To Summit TPU Guide Map Case

SealLine HP Map Case