3. Your Crew


The best crews at Philmont are crews with the same level of maturity; or in some cases lack there of, remember these are teenagers. It doesn’t matter if they are immature and 14 years old  or if they are a group of of young men 18 years old, about to head off to college. Ideally you want everyone in the crew to be at the same or a similar maturity level. Crews with a variety of maturity levels become segmented due to differences in physical abilities and maturity levels.

This doesn’t mean reject anyone who isn’t at your crew’s maturity level. If you have age diversity amongst your crew, focus your crew on developing friendships and leaders before you hit the trail.

Take a look at our Crew Development page to get some help.

Now we know who is going and what crews they are going to be in. Now we need to take a look at the Costs.