Pack Cover


No matter what time in the season you are going to Philmont, you NEED a pack cover. Store your pack cover somewhere that is easy to get to, like at the top of your pack or in an outside pocket. Do not attach it to the outside of your pack! That is how pack covers get lost or damaged.

If you don’t have a pack cover, heavy duty yard-work trash bags will work on short weekend trips. They do a great job of protecting your pack while you are in camp, but they are difficult to use while hiking. If you are going to use a trash bag as your pack cover, make sure you bring a few. They are usually good for a day or two of use before they break down.

It does not matter what pack cover you use for your pack. You can have a Kelty pack and use an Osprey cover. There are no compatibility problems. Always purchase a size larger. A large pack cover will keep anything inside of it dry. If you have a small pack cover and you can’t fit everything in, your gear will be wet. Make sure you get a big enough pack cover.

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