Watch with Alarm


A watch is an important thing for crew leadership to have access to. Program at staff camps usually starts at 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. Making sure you are on time will help guarantee that you participate in program. Program is fun and all, but the most important use for a watch is for timing water purification. There are tons of uses for a watch on the trail, your crew needs to have at least one. Make sure it is waterproof.

Advisers, if you feel an urge to purchase the most technologically advanced watch on the market that monitors your heart rate, the altitude, your GPS coordinates, and everything else: be advised they typically have a 50 hour battery life.

Timex Men’s T53151 Ironman Traditional Strap Watch

Freestyle USA Cadence Watch

Freestyle USA Shark Classic Nylon Sport Watch

Suunto Ambit HR Altimeter Watch